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Workshops in Greece by EUROTraining

Our favorite project See.Tell.Listen objectives combine digital literacy skills and story-telling skills through a non-conventional educational method by EUROTraining!

Refugees and migrants from organizations and associations gathered in our class to upgrade their digital and story-telling skills through an interesting series of workshops.

The training sessions were wrapped-up with a fun and playful workshop of creation of post-cards, collage of self-portrait photos, and finally, the creation of story-telling videos, helping them to digitize and keep alive their oral history, heritage and struggle.

The first round of the training workshop took place in #Greece by EUROTraining including a group of Afghan refugees.

The workshop for the Afghan group took place in Greek, and the interpreter was translating into both Pastho and Farsi during the training.

The Covid-19 measures were lifted, EUROTraining carried out the programme in a very large classroom and the participants took all the necessary measures (sanitizer, social distancing). We absolutely reached our expectations. The participants left the workshop with a set of upgraded skills and a very good mood!

The second round of the training workshop took place in #Greece by EUROTraining including a group of African migrant women, from Senegal, from Biafra, Nigeria and more African countries.

The training session was completed by our collaborator Yannis Lyeros who has also been occupied as a social worker with vast experience with refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers. One participant from the see.tell.listen project, Ester K was present throughout the workshops in order to monitor the situation, assist the trainer if needed and take photos.

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