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The Festival “VOCI MIGRANTI” (Migrating Voices)

The Festival “VOCI MIGRANTI” (Migrating Voices) has been held in Siena (Italy) from the 15th to the 17th of July 2020 organized by the Italian Partner @versolab .

In the beautiful spaces of the “Corte dei Miracoli”, a cultural and social association in the city centre, the festival has featured an exhibition with the results of the workshops, held in Italy, Portugal and Greece within the Erasmus+ project “See Tell Listen”, organized with asylum seekers and refugees on Photovoice and Digital Storytelling.

The pictures displayed have been created in collaboration with participants of the workshops by using the innovative method called “Roboteca”, developed by the association “jungleye”.

The videos have been shot with or by asylum seekers and refugees and allow the viewer to enter the personal stories of those, whose voices are rarely heard.

The Festival has been an occasion for visitors not only to listen to, or watch, migrants’ stories, but also to spend time together with the creators of the works, and to enter a wider intercultural experience.

The Festival has also offered the display of a small selection of films either on migration or directed by migrants.

In general, the Festival “VOCI MIGRANTI” has been a vibrant event, highly participated, although within the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 emergency. It has been extremely important both for the refugees and asylum seekers, who took part in its organization and the creation of the exhibition materials, and for those who, for three days, have had the chance to see, tell and listen to stories that are often difficult to SEE, TELL and LISTEN TO…

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