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See.Tell.Listen is a project that aims to enhance the capabilities of refugees in the field of digital literacy and storytelling technique in order to give voice to people who have experienced a severe loss of control in their life through the acquisition and/or the use of new tools and abilities.

The project is based on three main elements: developing training curricula addressed to empowerment, inclusion of refugees through adult learning programs specifically focused on digital literacy, storytelling and photovoice methods; encouraging the share of transnational knowledge in the field; creating a local and transnational network of stakeholders.

The aim of the Communication Strategy and Dissemination plan is to identify the objectives and the necessary communication and disseminations activities and plan them in a way to achieve best desired results. This strategy begins by identifying the project communication objectives, the targeted groups, the means to reach these objectives, tools and activities for communicating the results.

The project partners are:

CPR - Portugal

ARP - Portugal

CFD - Spain

Eurotraining - Greece

LESS - Italy

BMP - Holland

VersoLab - Italy

SEE TELL LISTEN is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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